Business Accounts

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This account allows your business to manage working capital more efficiently.
  • Offers the convenience of issuing cheques for payments
  • Accessibility to overdraft facility
  • Periodic Payment Transfer is allowed to and from this account
This product is only offered to non-profit organisations (NPO).
  • Offers the convenience of writing out cheques for payments without visiting the Bank or ATM to access cash to make payments
  • No account service fee is charged
  • Accessibility to overdraft facility when faced with unexpected expenses
The BizSaver account is an interest bearing account that provides an incentive for genuine business savers who want better returns on surplus funds.
  • BizSaver rewards you on your savings with a competitive interest rate
  • This product offers an incentive of a conditional bonus interest payment
  • Interest earned can be reinvested into the BizSaver or transferred to a nominated BSP account

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