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BSP boosts suicide prevention with Lifeline Fiji donation.

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

BSP Financial Group Limited (BSP) has extended support for Lifeline Fiji’s suicide prevention efforts with a donation of $5,000.

BSP Country Head Haroon Ali commended Lifeline Fiji for the immense role it plays in assisting individuals at risk of suicide via its toll-free line 1543.  “At a time when we are all enduring many challenges, mental health support work is even more critical and we are delighted to make a financial contribution towards this”.

BSP has supported Lifeline Fiji since 2016.  This latest donation acknowledges the good efforts by Lifeline Fiji with their team of highly trained counsellors that help people who recognise their mental health situation and are prepared to seek help outside their circles.

“Our support is a way of reminding and encouraging Fijians to get help and we hope it also boosts morale for the team behind the 1543 toll-free help line”, added Mr Ali.

(Pictured above: Head of Branch Network Kamini Mani handing over BSP's donation to Lifeline Fiji Team Leader Jeremaia Merekula)

According to Lifeline Fiji statistics released in November this year, 59 suicides were recorded, which broken down by gender were 47 males and 12 females. The number that attempt suicide is higher.

Lifeline Fiji’s, Mr Jeremaia Merekula has confirmed that 70% of those who committed suicides were aged 17 and over making them the most at-risk segment.  “The pandemic, including the lockdown and isolation period was a big contributor.  During this festive season, the level of risk also increases and we are appealing to families, friends and communities to stay tuned to the emotional needs of those around you.”

The Lifeline Fiji 1543 toll free line receives an average of 170 calls per month. 

“This year, our counsellors have managed to prevent suicides through collaborative efforts with partner organisations such as Youth Champs 4 Mental Health, Psychiatric Survivors Association and others.  This $5,000 donation by BSP is a much-needed boost for our team and we will surely put it to good use”, he concluded.

Since 2010, BSP has re-invested over $10 million into various programmes that give back to Fijian communities.