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BSP Assists Nadrau Nursing Station

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Working in consultation with the Divisional Health Office, BSP Area Manager West & North, Viliame Varasikete said the project was a demonstration of the Bank's long-standing support for Community & Vanua.

The health facility has had power disruptions, which at times forces the clinic staff to hold off immunisations and transport vaccines to the nearest health centre that had a cooling facility. During power outages, parents would have to pay $20 return fare to take their babies to the nearest Health facility to be immunised.

"We realise the financial struggles faced by this community which hindered their ability to access critical vaccines impeding proper development of the child in those early years and posing an even higher risk of spreading infections. Installing a solar power solution would put an end to this and boost people's access to immunisation vaccines safeguarding them and their families, including future generations," Varasikete said.

During the project, staff of Tavua Branch clocked in volunteer hours. "I am delighted to report that despite their work commitments, our staff were enthusiastic to dedicate their time to travel through tough road conditions and also carry out the maintenance works including painting the nursing station," Varasikete added.

Senior Divisional Medical Officer - Tavua, Dr Oliwafemi Ojo, said they had been hoping for this upgrade for some time and were delighted when BSP stepped in to assist.  "Private-public partnerships such as this helps the Ministry of Health as it provides a critical service to the whole of Fiji and moving to clean energy is necessary as we face the brunt of climate change," he added.

BSP Branch Community Projects form part of the BSP Group's Annual Corporate Social Responsibility Program, which supports communities and charitable organizations throughout Fiji and the Pacific.