Security Alert - Hoax Emails and Scams


Bank South Pacific advises that hoax emails are again in circulation.

Although they may appear genuine, they are fraudulent and have not been sent by BSP.

Do not click on any links contained in these emails and ignore their instructions.

BSP does not send unsolicited emails informing you that your account will have limited access nor does it send emails requesting you to disclose confidential banking information.

Should you receive an email you believe to be a hoax, please email it as an attachment (if possible) to for verification.

Again: If you suspect you have received a hoax email:

  • Do not click on any links within unsolicited, hoax emails
  • Send the email to for verification
  • Delete the email immediately from your Inbox and Deleted Items folder
  • If you clicked on a link in the email, perform a full security scan of your computer
Contact BSP Customer Service Centre 24/7 on 320 1212 if you require further information or assistance