Online Personal Banking

What is BSP Online Personal Banking?
An internet based service that provides you access to your bank accounts; and enables you to conduct transactions from your accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


  • Do your banking whenever it suits you from the comfort of your home or office.
  • Save valuable time and money.

Personalise your display
This feature allows you to personalise your display to your liking with the use of either cascading windows or classic view.

  • Cascading windows - Customise your view by opening multiple windows, and placing them anywhere on the screen by a simple drag and drop. BSP Online Banking will save your last display settings for the next time you log in.
  • Classic view - Provides you with the conventional, single-screen view.


  • Account Access - Access any of your transactional linked accounts, loan accounts or linked credit card.
  • Transactions - View account balances, or print and download your transaction history into usable formats.
  • Transfer Money - Transfer money between your linked accounts, to other BSP accounts or to accounts in other banks.
  • BillPay - Make bill payments from either your account or linked credit card account.
  • Schedule Payments - Make a payment now or set up a payment for later. Select a start date, the frequency, and an end date. You can also schedule loan repayments and credit card repayments.
  • Personal Billers / Payees - Maintain your personal biller and payee list for future transactions.
  • Maintenance - Customise your account display name.
  • Security - Customise your user name for log-in, and change your password at any time. BSPOnline Banking automatically logs you out after a period of inactivity.
  • Secure Mail (Messages) - Send and receive secure messages with our Customer Care Centre team. Use with the peace of mind that any financial content is completely secure and confidential.
  • Session History - View the actions you performed in your last ten sessions for easy tracking.

How to apply

For account holders living in Fiji, please follow the process below.

1. Click on this link registration form to download the form or pick one at any one of our BSP branches.

2. Complete and submit to your nearest BSP Branch or email the above documents to BSP Customer Care Centre

3. Allow 3 days for processing.  Our Customer Care Centre will call you to give you the temporary password.  If you have not heard from us within 5 days please contact our Customer Care Centre on 132 888if you live in Fiji or call  to acquire your Password.

4. You are now ready to access BSP Online Personal Banking. 

Additional Requirements

For account holders living overseas, you won't have to fly to Fiji to Fiji to register. Simply fill in an Indemnity Form. You must provide documents that verify your full name, permanent residential address, date of birth, occupation, source of funds, specimen signature, FRCA(Tax registration) Letter and citizenship.

For those employed overseas, including members of the armed forces, your forms need to be witnessed by your employer or commanding officer and attached with a copy of your valid passport. Please email your registration form with a scanned copy of your valid passport to  BSP Customer Care Centre.  

Please note that we will require the ORIGINAL copy of the Indemnity Form. Please send this by secure post to Manager Customer Care, Bank South Pacific, Private Mailbag, Suva, FIJI.

BSP Online Banking Fees
Electronic transaction fees apply. Please refer to the Banking Services Fees & Charges brochure.

More information
For more information, phone our Customer Care Centre on 132 888 or +679 321 4300.