Freedom Investment

The Freedom Investment account is designed for investors who wish to have regular income.


  • Minimum opening deposit - $10,000.
  • Minimum operating balance - $10,000.
  • Maximum operating balance - $200,000.
  • Terms range from 12 months (1 year) to 60 months (5 years)
  • Interest payment frequencies: fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, 6-monthly, annually and at maturity.
  • Premature withdrawal of funds will attract a penalty interest and fee.


  • Choice of investment options to choose from.
  • Interest payments can be as frequent as fortnightly.

How to set up an Account

Please refer to the Personal Bank Account Opening Requirements for details on how to open a Freedom Investment Account.

For more information, call BSP Customer Care on 132 888 or (679) 3214 300, send your query through the Contact Us page or enquire at your nearest BSP branch.



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