BSP Visa Debit Card

BSP Visa Debit Card Terms & Conditions 

Visa Card
Enjoy the features and benefits of our BSP Visa Debit Card.
Your Visa Debit Card gives you the ability to use your own money in your linked account and with Internet Banking access, you can manage your account and card easily.
Tap & Go
You can purchase at POS including "Touch & Go", online and access cash at ATMs.

Likewise, overseas, you have access to POS purchases and cash at ATMs.

Use your card anywhere you see the Visa logo.


Your Visa Debit Card is embedded with an EMV chip, helping to protect your card and personal information.
You also have a 3 digit CVV number on the back of the card for online purchases.
You select your own Personal Identification Number (PIN) so only you know it.
Our Customer Care Centre is available to answer questions about your card and lost or stolen and unauthorised transaction reporting is available 24/7.
Your statement and recent transactions will be available on Internet Banking so you can track your spending and account balance.

Be protected from unauthorized transactions with Visa disputes and chargebacks.



How to apply

Visa Debit is available  to all BSP Customers. Simply fill in the Debit Card Application Form at their nearest BSP branch.

If you are not a customer, just open an account with us and we will link a Visa Debit Card to it. Please refer to New Account Opening Requirements

For more information, please refer to FAQs, Terms & Conditions and product brochure. Alternatively, you can call BSP Customer Care Centre on 132 888 or (679) 3234 300 or send your query through the Contact Us page.