1. BSP Powers up Rural Schools

    Friday 30 November 2018

    Children from Fiji's rurally remote schools in five provinces are now enjoying 24 hour access to clean renewable energy thanks to BSP, the biggest Bank in the South Pacific.  

  2. BSP welcomes customers “Switching Banks”

    Tuesday 20 November 2018

    Over a thousand customers have opted to take up a new Personal Loan with BSP in 3 of the four planned Saturday banking days this month.  In a statement issued this week, BSP General Manager Retail Banking Mr Ravindra Singh confirmed that a large portion of these customers have actually committed to switching banks.

    With the growing interest in BSP, staff are now well trained to ensure that the transition to BSP is smooth and convenient for valued customers.

    "We have temporarily extended our banking services to include nationwide opening on Saturdays. A major attraction has been the instant approvals being offered to those loan applications valued at $5,000 or less," said Mr Singh. "This offer will end this coming Saturday 24 November."

    When you take a personal loan with BSP, rest assured that you are covered. The loan comes with life insurance cover which means that your debt is paid off in the event of an untimely death. There is also a $1,000 cash allocation for your next of kin for funeral expenses.

    To apply, existing BSP customers simply need their latest payslip and if possible, an employment confirmation letter. 

    Other Bank customers are welcome to take advantage of this offer too. You must present a recent payslip, an employment confirmation letter, a Bank statement showing the last 12 months activity and any other supporting documents that will assist with the assessment of your identity and credit rating.

    As Fiji's leading financial services provider (through the Bank, BSP Life and BSP Finance), BSP will also be registering customers for the new and improved BSP Mobile Banking App.  "We are delighted to empower our customers with this new service that enables them to do a balance enquiry, view transaction history, top up mobile phones on any mobile network (Vodafone, Inkk, and Digicel), inter-bank transfers, bill payments, and foreign currency payments," he concluded.

    Are your ready to take up this offer? APPLY ONLINE here   or

    1. Call 132 888
    2. Email
    3. Visit a BSP branch near you
    4. Visit


  3. BSP & Post Fiji Renews Rural Banking Partnership

    Wednesday 6 June 2018

    The Bank of South Pacific and Post Fiji signed a Memorandum of Understanding to renew the provision of critical rural banking services today.

    Country Manager Mr Kevin McCarthy has reaffirmed this collaboration between the Bank and Post Fiji given its history that goes back many years.  "This renewal indicates that this partnership is delivering on its objectives to improve access to financial services for Fiji's rural and unbanked population."

    Under this partnership, BSP customers can now enter any of the 42 Postal Agencies and:

    a)    Make deposits

    b)    Make withdrawal of up to $500 a day

    c)    Reset their Debit Card PINs

    d)    Get their BSP Debit card replaced

    e)    Using BSP EFTPoS customers can check their account balances

    To sustain this banking set up, BSP has provided a working advance (cash float) in the sum of $1m to Post Fiji.

    Post Fiji Chairman, Mr Lawrence Tikaram has welcomed this continuance saying that this partnership has grown from strength to strength.

    "Since introducing BSP's electronic banking services, we have seen a growth from 3% to 95% in customers using BSP's electronic banking services and this aligns with our support of Government's objective to ensure that 85% of Fiji's rural residents access financial services by 2020."

    The MOU signed today is a 3 year agreement and launches the second term in a tripartite collaboration between the Government of Fiji, BSP and Post Fiji to deliver essential banking services for Fiji's rural residents.
  4. BSP Opens All Branches For Saturday Banking

    Friday 1 June 2018

    Fiji's leading financial services provider, BSP, is opening all its branches for Saturday banking today and for the next three Saturdays from 9am to 2pm.  The aim is to give customers an extra day to visit a branch and take advantage of BSP's instant approval on personal loans.

  5. BSP Wins Best Bank Award for Microfinance

    Thursday 31 May 2018

    BSP has won a National Award for being the Microfinance Service Provider of the Year.  This was announced by the Reserve Bank of Fiji at the National Microfinance Award ceremony held this week and themed "Bringing out the best."


    BSP Country Manager, Mr Kevin McCarthy said, "This award serves as an endorsement for our multi-stakeholder approach to address the critical need for improved access to quality financial services throughout Fiji's rural and unbanked communities."

    The Microfinance Service Provider of the year award, which falls under the Institution Category, was assessed based on outreach, delivery channels and use of innovative technology and client protection.


    As the pioneer private sector partner in a tri-partite model of financial inclusion driven by the Government of Fiji and supported by Post Fiji, BSP has spearheaded the delivery of key financial services to cater for rural and urban clients.  Mr McCarthy applauded this innovative service delivery model saying that it sets a platform for improved reach, customer service and efficiency in Banking.


    "Today, a customer can walk into a rural based Post Fiji outlet to make a deposit, withdraw funds, check their balances, top up their phones, even open a BSP account and receive their debit card immediately," he said. 


    As Fiji's leading financial services provider, BSP is committed to empowering individuals, micro and SME operators with financial solutions that helps them realise their dreams and safeguards their personal welfare through banking products and life & health insurance cover.

    To find out more about BSP's rural banking service, call our 24 hour customer care centre on 132 888 or email

  6. BSP Supports National Retirement Outlook

    Friday 27 April 2018

    Fiji's leading financial services provider, BSP has commended the organisers of this year's Retirement Expo saying it will go a long way in improving the National Retirement Outlook.

  7. FULL YEAR RESULTS – 31st December 2017

    Wednesday 01st March, 2017

    Sir Kostas Constantinou, OBE, Chairman, Board of Directors, Bank of South Pacific Limited (BSP) today released the Group results for the full-year to 31 December 2017.
  8. Become a Home Owner with a BSP Home Loan

    Saturday 10 February 2018

  9. BSP Relaunches Home Buyer Promotion

    Wednesday 31 January 2018

    Fiji's leading financial services provider, BSP has relaunched its Home-Buyer promotion with great rates for Home Loan customers effective from tomorrow(1/2/2018).
  10. BSP Serves Financial New Year Resolutions

    Monday 15 January 2018

    Fiji's leading financial services provider, BSP, has modified their service delivery to cater for members of the public who have opted to save as part of their New Year's Resolution.
  11. Parents Opt to Empower Children this Christmas

    Friday 8 December 2017

     Generous Fijians across the country are opting for a gift that empowers a child's future this festive season by launching their journey to financial freedom.

  12. BSP Drives Child Empowerment this Christmas

    30 November 2017

    BSP, Fiji's leading financial services provider, has launched a Christmas gift, aimed at empowering children across the country. 

  13. BSP Champions “face to face” service

    Friday 3 November 2017

    Fiji's leading financial services provider, BSP, has stepped up its commitment to making banking simpler and even more convenient for Fiji's consumers in anticipation for the festive season.  

  14. BSP Staff Observe Pinktober

    Monday 16 October 2017

    Earlier this month, BSP joined a growing number of corporate organisations in raising awareness on Breast Cancer.
  15. BSP Financial Inclusion efforts go beyond literacy

    Tuesday 19 September 2017

    The confidence of the Fijian people in BSP's electronic banking services available at Post Fiji outlets around the country has grown exponentially since it was first established in 2013.  
  16. BSP Fiji Assists Regional Banking Innovation

    Wednesday 6 September 2017

    BSP, Fiji's leading financial services provider has commended the organisers and participants of the Pacific Financial Inclusion Innovation Summit held recently in Papua New Guinea. 
  17. More switching to BSP

    Monday 31 July 2017

    Fiji's leading financial services provider, BSP has announced that in recent weeks, a significant number of individuals have begun the process of switching to BSP.  

  18. BSP Instant Approvals on Personal Loans is Back

    Monday 10 July 2017

    The offer by BSP to deliver instant approvals on Personal Loans is back and more popular than before. This has also been boosted by the Banks' nationwide opening on Saturdays to deliver fast and efficient loans, new account opening services and also addressing customer enquiries. 

  19. BSP Delivers at National Level – SMS Alert

    Tuesday 20 June 2017

    All workers with salaries or wages being deposited into their personal bank accounts with BSP are receiving an alert on their registered mobiles as and when their pay reaches their accounts. 


  20. BSP Invests $5M in Fiji and Go Green

    Tuesday 13 June 2017

    The BSP Fiji Group, consisting of the Bank, BSP Life and BSP Finance, has invested $5M into community development assistance which include supporting activities that help save the environment since 2010.  

  21. BSP Enhances Fiji’s Affordable Housing Experience

    Tuesday 6 June 2017

    Thousands of Housing Authority and Public Rental Board residents across the country can enjoy the potential benefit of BSP's SMS Banking Billpay Services.  
  22. BSP Team Assists Capacity Building women

    Thursday 25 May 2017

    The BSP team consisting of Bank and BSP Life officers is scheduled to participate in the UN Women Markets for Change event to be held at the Nausori Municipal Market this Friday 26 May 2017. 

  23. BSP makes car ownership simple

    Saturday 29 April 2017

    Whether you are young and making your first investment in buying a car or at point in your career, where you can comfortably afford to upgrade to a new and better type of car for yourself or your family, the process of finding the right financier could be difficult without the right help.  

  24. Security Tops Checklist for Investment in Term Deposits

    Saturday 1 April 2017

    A term deposit is an account held by a bank or financial institution in your name, for a period of time that you choose. Usually that time can be selected from terms between one month and five years. 

  25. BSP assists MOH Water & Sanitation Program

    Friday 31 March 2017

    In a Community Project to assist the people of Taveuni, BSP partnered with Rotary to install a backup water supply system for the Taveuni Hospital. 

  26. SPTO_BSP

    ‘Sustainable Tourism’ at SPTE 2017

    Thursday 23 March 2017

    The South Pacific Tourism Organization (SPTO) is putting the spotlight on 'sustainable tourism' at its premier trade event South Pacific Tourism Exchange (SPTE) in Sydney in May.
  27. BSP Saturday Banking Services offers Loans & Insurance

    Friday 3 March 2017

    In line with its commitment to excellence in service deliver, BSP will now enhance its Saturday Banking services to also offer life insurance cover to all its valued customers.  This is over and above its attractive offer of instant approvals on Personal Loans with a total value of up to $5 000.  

  28. BSP Nausori delivers extended Saturday banking hours

    BSP achieved a milestone recently when it became the first bank in Nausori to extend its Saturday banking hours to 5pm, a move that is set to benefit thousands who frequent the branch from the Tailevu, Rewa and Naitasiri provinces. 

  29. Back to School boost for the children of Nuku

    24 January 2017

    A school in the interior of Serua received a boost from BSP and Save the Children Fiji yesterday when they received a donation of much needed school supplies.  Nuku Primary School located 25 kilometres, caters for 100 children from surrounding villages namely; Naimasimasi, Masi, Melia and Wainikai village.

  30. BSP extends weekday opening hours

    Wednesday 14 December 2016

    As part of its aim to do more for customers, BSP is extending its opening hours for all its branches tomorrow, the day after and on the same two days, next week.

  31. FINAL Saturday for BSP Instant Approvals on Personal Loans*

    Friday 9 December 2016

    With just days remaining before Christmas, BSP stands ready to provide customers the added support they needed during this holiday season.

  32. More Customers Switch to BSP

    Saturday 3 December 2016

    The offer by BSP to deliver instant approvals on Personal Loans has proved popular. This has also been boosted by the Banks' nationwide opening on Saturdays to deliver fast and efficient loans, new account opening services and also addressing customer enquiries. 

  33. BSP Instant Approvals on Personal Loans

    Friday 25 November 2016

    The popular offer by BSP to deliver instant approvals is back today and you are invited to access it from any of its branches nationwide, between 9am and 2pm. This service is available every day of the week at BSP and yet a lot more customers are unable to take the time off work to enjoy this benefit confirmed BSP Head of Branch Network, Kamini Mani.
  34. BSP gives Nakorotubu a timely Christmas Gift

    Saturday 3 December 2016

    The people of Nakorotubu can breathe a sigh of relief this Christmas after getting their newly refurbished Health Centre back thanks to BSP. 

  35. Machine Operator wins Free New Zealand Trip

    Friday 18 November 2016

    BSP, Fiji's leading financial services provider held a grand draw for its Green Car Loan Promotion at the Suva Central branch opting to share this milestone with customers in the branch at the time. 

  36. Total Financial Solution for Navunisareki Logging Company

    Monday 24 October 2016

    A 100% locally owned business has received a boost from Fiji's leading financial services provider, Bank of South Pacific.  Navunisareki Logging Company is one of the many Smart Business customers in Lautoka who received attention from BSP as part of its Smart Business Roadshow currently underway in Suva and Lautoka.

  37. BSP Roadshow receives good response

    Friday 19 October 2016

    Fiji's leading bank, Bank of South Pacific kicked off its three day roadshow in the Central and Western Division yesterday with plans confirmed for the North next week.
  38. Fiji’s Small Business Operators receive attention from BSP

    Wednesday 16 October 2016

    Gone are the days when small to medium enterprises had to struggle to find suitable banking services in Fiji.  "BSP's Smart Business product suite offers a great banking package for small businesses," said BSP Country Manager Mr Kevin McCarthy.

  39. Fiji’s SMS Banking Pioneer delivers convenience

    Saturday 1 October 2016

    When Akuila Curuki, a 64year old farmer first heard of BSP Banking service delivered via mobile phones, he still could not fathom how that would all work and the benefits for him.

  40. BSP Samabula offers full Financial Services

    Friday 30 September 2016

    Operating a business or looking to enhance your financial standings in Samabula? Look no further for a total financial services provider because BSP Samabula is the ideal partner offering Banking, Insurance Services and Asset Financing, all under one roof
  41. BSP Car Loan customer reward program

    Thursday 29 September 2016

    Fiji's leading Bank, BSP has a new reward program for car loan customers.  "Choose a Green Car Loan & Win" rewards customers for choosing the Green Bank to finance their dream car
  42. BSP Offers Fiji's preferred SMS Banking Service

    Thursday 22 September

    BSP's SMS banking platform has reshaped banking in Fiji by empowering account holders to access their bank account 24-7 from anywhere in Fiji using an active and registered mobile phone.   

  43. BSP Launches a Car Loan Promotion

    Friday 16 September 2016

    Fiji's leading Bank, BSP has launched a new reward program for their new car loan customers.  "Choose a Green Car Loan & Win" informs customers that choosing BSP to finance your dream car means you're also taking a stand to support BSP's environment initiative "Go Green".  As a bonus, customers go into the draw to win prizes.
  44. BSP announces FHRI Annual Convention theme

    Friday 5 August 2016

    BSP, officially announced this year's Fiji Human Resource Institute Convention theme, "Human Capital: Profitable Investment."

  45. BSP Supports Outrigger Canoeing for 3rd consecutive year

    Monday 25 July 2016

    Fiji Outrigger is pleased to announce the major sponsorship support from Bank South Pacific (BSP) to help us host this years' Business House Regatta
  46. BSP Opens Nationwide for Banking and Insurance

    19 May 2016

    Saturday Banking with BSP normally offers customers instant approvals on personal loans, account opening services, all other loan services and general enquiries.
  47. How much finance can a Bank offer to buy a home?

    Thursday 26 May 2016

    When looking to purchase their own homes, buyers seeking a loan, ask "how much can I borrow?"
  48. BSP Tops Corporate Participation at Suva Marathon

    Thursday 19 May 2016

    BSP has taken its Suva Marathon sponsorship commitment to the next level this year by registering the highest number of teams for the corporate marathon event.

  49. BSP gives a $5,000 boost for Fiji Weightlifting

    Monday 23 May 2016

    BSP is delighted to support the Fiji Weightlifting Federation with hosting the Oceania Championship with a $5,000 donation.  This event has extra appeal in that it also serves as a qualification event to the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

  50. New Inclusion in BSP Saturday Banking Services

    12 May 2016

    Since first introducing their initiative to open all branches for a Saturday Banking Promotion, BSP has progressed their service delivery standard to include Life Insurance advice on all Saturdays this month. May simply fantastic with BSP!

  51. BSP to sponsor 2016 South Pacific Tourism Exchange

    Friday 08 April

    BSP has partnered with the South Pacific Tourism Exchange (SPTE) as the major sponsor for a regional event to be held at Australia's Gold Coast in May.

  52. BSP Supports Education Recovery

    Wednesday 23 March 2016

    BSP today handed over a donation of $22,250 and 400 Back-to-School kits to Save the Children Fiji (SCF) to support the rehabilitation of the education sector in the wake of TC Winston.

  53. Signs Deal with BSP

    Friday, 18 March, 2016 and BSP today announced a new partnership that will benefit everyone who's looking to buy their own home in Fiji.

  54. Celebrate Easter with BSP

    18 March, 2016

    The Easter Holidays is an important event for most families in Fiji.

  55. BSP Instant Loans Approvals back

    Friday, 11 March 2016

    BSP will host customers at all its 18 Branches this Saturday and offer instant approvals on Personal Loan applications received on the day.

  56. FULL YEAR RESULTS – 31st December 2015

    Monday 7 March 2016

    Sir Kostas Constantinou, OBE, Chairman, Board of Directors, Bank of South Pacific Limited (BSP) today released the results for the full-year to 31 December 2015.

  57. BSP’s Relief Assistance Goes North

    Thursday 4 March 2016

    Most of the cyclone impacted villages and settlements in Savusavu and Taveuni received food relief assistance from BSP this week.

  58. BSP's Quick Response to Cyclone Relief Efforts

    Friday 26 February 2016

    The BSP Fiji group began their distribution of basic food items yesterday assisting families in eight villages across the Ra district. 

  59. BSP Donates $100 000 to Winston Relief Efforts

    Monday 22 February 2016

    The BSP Fiji Group today announced a donation of $100,000 towards the relief and rehabilitation of those affected by Cyclone Winston.


  60. Bank of South Pacific Limited Release of Unaudited 2015 Financial Year results

    Thursday February 18th, 2016

    BSP Chairman Sir Kostas Constantinou, OBE, today announced the 2015 unaudited preliminary consolidated group results, with the key highlights being:

    • Net Profit after Tax (NPAT) of K531.9m, an increase of 5% over 2014.
    • Total Assets of K18.274bn, up 15% from 2014.
    • Capital Adequacy of 23.3%, (FY14 24.0%) well above Bank of Papua New Guinea's prudential minimum of 12%.
  61. Security Alert

    8 February 2016

    It has been widely reported that there has been an increase in attempts to defraud customer's bank accounts in Fiji.
  62. Microfinance Team continue their winning ways

    Friday 13 November 2015

    BSP's Microfinance Team today added another trophy to their cabinet after scooping 2nd place in Reserve Bank of Fiji's Microfinance Banker Service Provider of the Year 2015.

  63. The engine room that became a Gym

    Friday 13 November 2015

    Schools rugby powerhouse Queen Victoria School received their newly refurbished gym from the Bank today in a special ceremony.

  64. Namaka Premium Opens doors

    Tuesday, 3 November 2015

    BSP Business customers in Nadi now have a second option for banking that comes with privacy and dedicated service away from the hustle and bustle of cues in bank branches.

  65. Just Business is never enough at BSP

    3 November, 2015

    BSP headed north last week to formerly hand over two Community Projects in the Cakaudrove province
  66. Bank of South Pacific (BSP) takes over Westpac Operations in Solomon Islands

    Tuesday November 3rd, 2015

    Bank South Pacific (BSP) has officially acquired Westpac Banking Corporation (Westpac) in Solomon Islands, positioning it as a regional leader in financial and banking services.

  67. From renting to owning a home – Leap of faith

    10 October 2015

    Taking the step to owning your own home is exciting and can be overwhelming without clear guidance. It's a real leap of faith and is sure to change your life forever.

  68. School gets new Court from BSP

    15 September 2015

    Barely a month after building a new school ground, the Bank has again delivered a new court for another school in need.
  69. BSP Finance now in the West

    11 September, 2015

    BSP Finance opened its new office in Namaka where a team of dedicated and experienced officers will be providing financing solutions to customers across the West corridor.

  70. BSP sponsors Fiji Human Resources Institute

    10 September, 2015

    THE BSP Group, comprising of the bank, BSP Life and BSP Finance, presented their $110,000, sponsorship to the Fiji Human Resources Institute today in Suva.


  71. BSP services fully restored as planned

    Monday 7 September 2015

    ALL BSP Services have been fully restored as advertised and are now running at full capacity on the newly upgraded $16M core banking system.
  72. BSP $16million Core Banking System Upgrade Begins

    BSP announces that it will cut over to a new core banking system over the weekend from Friday (4.9.15) to Monday (7.9.15).
  73. Public Notice - Service Downtime

    3 September 2015

  74. BSP funds new Ground for School

    12 August, 2015

    SUVA Primary School's 10-year wait for a proper playing field was realized today after BSP handed over of a newly refurbished playground and hard court.


  75. BSP Empowers Home Loan officers

    Saturday, 8 August 2015

    TRY and imagine your bank in your home or office. BSP has empowered its home loan or mobile lending officers to visit customers in their place of work, at home or even at a convenient location that suits them.
  76. Banking on Gold pay day

    Friday 24 July 2015

    BSP will tomorrow (Saturday, July 25th) payout over $30,000 to Team Fiji athletes to deliver on our Banking on Gold promise launched prior to the Pacific Games.

  77. Free Pacific Games EasyCard

    6 July, 2015

    Pacific Games and Team Fiji major sponsors, BSP, has announced a waiver of easycard replacement fees to boost national support for the Pacific Games.

  78. Bowling gets final boost

    3 July, 2015

    THE Fiji Bowling team to the XV Pacific Games received a boost when Bank of South Pacific presented $7,500 towards their final preparations as they prepare to leave for PNG.

  79. BSP sponsors swimming

    18 June, 2015

    BSP has announced a total sponsorship support of over $7,000 for Fiji Swimming's Long Course Age Nationals which begins tomorrow at the National Aquatics Centre.

  80. Weightlifting boosted before Games

    3 July 2015

    THE Fiji Weightlifting team to the XV Pacific Games received a major boost when Bank of South Pacific presented $7,500 to polish off their final preparations in PNG.

  81. Business House Va’a Finals

    28 May 2015

    The BSP sponsored Fiji Outrigger Business House regatta is set to get underway this Saturday with over 300 players and spectators converging for the final event at the USP foreshore.

  82. 113th BSP ATM in Damodar City

    22 May 2015

    Damodar City visitors have the added convenience of accessing an additional ATM at the complex with the installation of BSP's 113th ATM.

  83. BSP gives Team Fiji $70,000

    21 May 2014

    FASANOC received a $70,000 boost today, thanks to BSP.  This is the latest donation made by Fiji's major sponsor for the Moresby Games.

  84. Netball's Gold aspirations gets a $10,000 boost

    14 May 2015

    The road to the Pacific Games is smoother for Netball Fiji after they received a $10,000 boost from BSP today.

  85. Open a Term Deposit for Mum

    7 May 2015

    Say "Thank You Mum" with a BSP Term Deposit for that woman that has held you up through life. What better way to express gratitude than to offer Mum a secure and rewarding savings plan that will guarantee her with returns.


  86. BSP hosts Green Day

    1 May 2015

    Celebrate Green Day with BSP in a joint promotion with BSP EFTPoS merchants at the Lokia Shopping Center, Nausori and Hansons in Makoi this Saturday.

  87. BSP boosts Athletics Fiji preparations for the Games

    1 May 2015


    "Winning is very important, we often say just go out there and participate - but when we win, everybody wants to know you, it is the same with branding in sports, BSP is a winning brand and we are proud of our association with BSP."


  88. BSP Personal Loans that make you “Smile”

    23 April 2015

     Ever find yourself looking for ways to afford those things that really matter to you and your loved ones?  Often this search involves sleepless nights; stress and mostly due to the unavailability of finance to make it possible.

  89. Struggling Club gets lifeline from Bank

    17 April 2015

    THE Delainavesi Boxing Club received a much needed boost from BSP today.  The 2015 Pacific Games major sponsors have outfitted the boxers for the final Pacific Games trials this weekend in Suva.

  90. BSP lifts standard of school playground facility

    10 April 2015

    The plight of children at Stella Maris School has won the hearts and minds of our Thomson Street Branch and E-Channels Retail Team who have combined to refurbish their timeworn basketball court.

  91. Get a BSP Loan and cheer for Fiji in Hong Kong

    18 March 2015

    Don't dream of going to watch the Hong Kong 7s Live, do it!

    BSP can help you live that dream by financing your trip with an Easy Unsecured Personal loan (Easy UPL).

  92. Banker Honours Dad Daily In His Work

    13 March 2015

    WHEN Isikeli Taoi left Queen Victoria School 36 years ago, he was determined to follow the family calling into business or law. But a special request from his father to follow an alternative life path led him to a bank. He was 18 when he joined the then National Bank of Fiji as an enquiries clerk.

  93. BSP Group supports relief efforts in Vanuatu

    19 March 2015

    The Bank of South Pacific Ltd (BSP) Group has made a donation of PGK100, 000 (FJD105, 000) towards relief efforts currently underway in Vanuatu, following the recent destruction caused by tropical cyclone Pam.
  94. Buy a Car and Make it Happen!

    9 March 2015

    In recognition of International Women’s Day, Bank South Pacific is offering special financing for women who want to buy cars in March.

  95. Bank gives $18,000 for Team Fiji Champion Program

    24 February 2015

    Country Manager Kevin McCarthy this week announced support for Team Fiji to the tune of $18,000 sponsorship for six selected sports.
  96. Fiji is flagship of BSP expansion

    17 February 2015

    Group CEO Robin Fleming said Fiji was the flagship of how BSP would like to transition the new businesses that are subject to the acquisition from Westpac into the BSP family.

  97. Bank donates computers to rural school

    9 February 2015

    The bank gave 10 computers to the Sawani Primary School this week with a pledge to assist the school with 10 more computers.
  98. Namatakula gets new $10,000 gym

    7 February 2015

    The village of Namatakula in Navosa will continue to pump out rugby stars because of the establishment of their new $10,000 gym, according to village elders.

  99. Bank of South Pacific (BSP) to acquire Westpac's 5 Pacific Nation Operations

    29 January 2015

    Chairman of Bank of South Pacific Limited (BSP), Kostas Constantinou OBE, today announced that BSP has entered into an agreement to acquire the banking operations of Westpac Banking Corporation (Westpac) in Samoa, Cook Islands, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and Tonga for AUD $125 million (FJD $202 million).

  100. Bank gives back to Rakiraki ratepayers

    16 December 2014

    The unveiling of the Rakiraki multipurpose court will see the inclusion of three more sports namely volleyball, netball and badminton to enable customers and members of the community to keep fit and healthy.

  101. Weekend Banking continues at Damodar City

    5 July 2014

    BSP achieved a milestone recently when it became the first bank to open for Sunday Banking and also extend its Saturday banking hours to 7pm. The change was implemented for Damodar City branch only with a view of gauging customer reaction.

  102. Easy & convenient banking services at Showcase

    4 July 2014

    BSP is returning to Fiji's largest retail shopping event, Fiji Showcase 2014 with easy and convenient banking services.

  103. BSP donates to Rotary Pacific Water Projects

    3 July 2014

    BSP has joined the effort to improve Fiji's national water sanitation and hygiene situation. 
  104. BSP assists Partners in Community Development

    20 June 2014


    A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed with Partners in Community Development Fiji (PCDF) to empower a pilot group of 25 grass root farmers in Nadarivatu.

  105. Make Money Work For You

    21 May 2014

    Term Deposits play an important role in many people's lives, especially those with zero tolerance for placing unnecessary risks on hard earned money. 
  106. 110 BSP ATMs now online

    20 May 2014

     BSP is committed to helping Fiji grow with a committment to enhancing our banking network in Fiji.

  107. BSP footprint extends to include Post Fiji

    28 April 2014

    Our banking network has extended further to include 28 rural based Post Fiji outlets.
  108. Green Day at Shop N Save

    16 April 2014

    BSP Green day promotion heads to Shop N Save supermarkets, nationwide.
  109. Fiji-PNG Business Council network, strong

    11 March 2014

    Fiji-PNG Business Council network growing strong

  110. BSP launches VISA Debit

    10 March 2014

    BSP, Fiji's leading bank, achieved a milestone today with the successful launch of its VISA Debit card.  
  111. BSP offers higher returns on Term Deposit

    28 February 2014

    BSP, Fiji's leading bank has officially implemented a new interest rate for its Fixed Term Deposits to offer higher returns for customers.
  112. BSP Central Branches Closed

    27 February 2014

    BSP branch operations in the Central Division have been closed following a directive from our Executive Management.

  113. BSP electronic banking services ideal for Valentine’s Day

    6 February 2014

    BSP, Fiji's leading bank is once again ready to facilitate funds transfers this Valentines' season especially for those who are away from loved ones.

  114. BSP Unsecured Personal Loan picks up momentum

    14 January 2014

    BSP is pleased to announce a growth of over 10% in the value of approved Unsecured Personal Loans (UPL) in December 2013 with more expected in January. This growth in both number of approved customer applications and the value of loan funds released is a positive indication of BSP's confidence in the Fiji market.

  115. BSP EFTPoS reaches record high

    9 January 2014

    Shoppers gave BSP EFTPoS a vote of confidence in December with more than 25% growth in usage compared to the previous month setting a new record for BSP.
  116. BSP EFTPoS is a Diwali Shoppers' Delight

    1 Nov 2013

    This Diwali, all shoppers can rest assured that BSP EFTPoS will be at all major supermarkets nationwide, readily available for customer’s convenience.
  117. BSP EasyGo promises 24-7 Banking for Rural Fiji

    12 Aug 2013

    In yet another stride towards helping Fiji grow, BSP has introduced an EasyGo Account following an endorsement from the Government of Fiji.
  118. BSP launches Go Green 2013

    3 September 2013

    BSP launched “Go Green” 2013 today with the theme “Recycle, Reuse Respect”.

  119. BSP delivers "SMS Alerts" for Fiji's employees

    7 August, 2013

    BSP – Fiji’s leading bank has successfully implemented “Salary Alerts” which notifies workers through mobile phone text messages when a salary deposit has been made into their BSP account.
  120. BSP: exclusive Bank at Fiji Showcase

    23 May, 2013

    BSP, Fiji's leading bank is proud to return as the exclusive provider of banking services at this years' FIJI Showcase event.

  121. BSP Launches "Grow with BSP" Campaign

    15 April, 2013

    BSP Fiji officially began our "Grow with BSP" campaign today
  122. BSP Donates $10,000 to Underprivileged Children's Education

    12th October 2012

    BSP, Fiji's leading bank donated an additional $10,000 to FENC Fiji to support the educational needs of Fiji's underprivileged children.

  123. BSP Samabula "keeps on keeping on"

    01st October 2012

    Today staff at BSP Samabula branch welcomed their customers back following a period of temporary closure for urgent repair works.

  124. BSP remains resilient as repair works begin

    20th September 2012

    BSP's Country Manager, Mr Kevin McCarthy confirms that repair works are well underway at the recently rampaged Samabula branch. This follows a site inspection and a Police clearance received yesterday.

  125. BSP Samabula Branch Closure

    19th September 2012

    Today BSP's Samabula Branch was broken into by a group of masked men wielding cane knives and other crude weapons.

  126. BSP Offers School Fee Loans

    10th January 2012

    If you're a little short on cash after the Christmas & New Year festivities, then there couldn't be a better time to apply for a BSPSchool Fee Loan! BSP is offering this loan facility to fund primary, secondary and tertiary education for you and/ or your loved ones.

  127. tahitia and Kevin

    BSP Supports Uprising 7s

    9th January 2012

    BSP signed up as the Official Bank of the 2012 Uprising Fiji International 7s Festival in Suva later this month, joining a very reputable list of corporate sponsors for the second year of the tournament, which is rapidly establishing itself as a key event in the region.

  128. BSP Fiji Launch UnionPay Cards Acceptance

    17th September 2012

    China UnionPay and the Bank of South Pacific (BSP) today announced the acceptance of UnionPay cards at BSP ATM's in Fiji. This opens the door for card holders with more than 3.1 billion UnionPay cards to be able to withdraw local currency at any BSP ATM nationwide.

  129. BSP reduces Home Loan Interest Rates

    17th June 2011

    BSP today announced a reduction in the first year fixed interest rates on home loans. The new rates are 5.95% per annum for personal home loans and 6.45%
    for investment residential home loans. These rates are effective immediately.
  130. Nadi Man Wins $50,000 with BSP Switch, Swipe & Win Promotion

    22nd December 2011

    A BSP customer got an early Christmas present today when he walked away $50,000 richer! Mr Jone Ravitu of Air Pacific in Nadi was the lucky gentleman that won the Grand Prize of the five-month running, "Switch, Swipe and Win" Promotion.

  131. Pay Your Bills with BSP SMS Banking & Free Text Top Up with 290

    15th December 2011

    You can now pay your bills using your mobile phones 24/7 with BSP SMS Banking! Your Pacific bank has come up with yet another innovative solution providing an SMS Billpay service at your convenience.

  132. IMG_0667.jpg

    BSP Achieves ATM Milestone

    13th December 2011

    BSP, your Pacific bank, has just launched its 100th ATM in Fiji, making it the most accessible bank in Fiji! So if you need cash in a hurry, chances are that you will find a BSP ATM near you.

  133. Effective Leadership with BSP

    15th November 2011

    How many times have you heard someone complain about their boss?  "He's a dictator," or "she's a dragon- lady," or "he doesn't listen to me," or "she's a slave- driver!"

     The South Pacific bank, BSP is doing something about it. This week 50 of its managers from Fiji and the Solomon Islands will participate in a 3- day, intensive MBA Leadership Program.

  134. BSP Staff Donate to Tuvalu Water Bottle Drive

    14th November 2011

    It has been inspiring to witness the 'Pacific Spirit' flourishing at BSP. In the face of a water crisis with our island neighbours in Tuvalu, BSP Life and Bank staff in Suva quickly mobilised, and generously collected and donated 1,004.50 litres of water in just 24 hours. A cash donation of $784.000 from staff was also collected and deposited into the 'Tuvalu Water Drive' account.

  135. Go-Green-Button

    Go Green with BSP

    6th September 2011

    Go Green was initiated by the BSP Group in 2010 and is a campaign to build a culture of environmental responsibility.

  136. BSP Launches FBCL ATM & Switch, Swipe and Win 2nd Draw

    15th September

    BSP is giving away another $10,000 cash this week to 10 lucky customers, after conducting the 2nd draw of its "Switch, Swipe and Win" promotion! The draw was held in conjunction with the launch of the BSP ATM at Broadcasting House, Gladstone Rd, Suva.

  137. BSP Launches Online Personal Internet Banking!

    30th November 2011

    You can now do your banking online 24/7 with BSP! Your Pacific bank has come up with yet another innovative solution, providing electronic banking at your convenience, with its new product BSP Online Personal Internet Banking.

  138. 92nd BSP ATM at Mid-City Plaza!

    22nd September 2011

    BSP now has an ATM in one of Suva's busiest shopping hubs - at lower Waimanu Rd! There is now a state-of-the-art BSP ATM in the lobby of the upmarket Mid-City Plaza!
  139. BSP Issues Clarification on Term Deposits

    14th April 2011

    Fixed deposits are contracts binding between the customer and the bank where the customer agrees to invest a volume of money with the bank for an agreed period of time and the bank agrees to provide a return to the customer at an agreed interest rate.
  140. Switch, Swipe and Win with BSP!

    16th August 2011

    BSP is cranking up competition in the banking industry by being the first bank in Fiji to offer large, cash prizes in its "Switch, Swipe and Win" promotion! It's rewarding customers who use BSP electronic-banking channels - also the cheapest means of transacting with banks.
  141. BSP National Torch Relay reaches North

    22nd April 2010

    Labasa College students were filled with excitement when they held the Bank South Pacific Torch for the Coca-Cola Games in Labasa yesterday.
  142. BSP appoints General Manager Retail

    22nd April 2010

    BSP is proud to announce the appointment of Mr Cecil Browne as General Manager Retail Bank for Fiji.
  143. Bank supports Cuvu College

    21st April 2010

    Staff and students of Cuvu College will today celebrate the completion of their Water Tank Project in a handing over ceremony at the school.
  144. Bank supports St Theresa Primary School

    14th April 2010

    Staff and students of St Theresa Primary School will today celebrate their new look school in a handing over ceremony at the school.
  145. BSP rewards the Digicel Fiji 7s reps

    31st March 2010

    During the presentation of the BSP branded gear to the Digicel 7s team at the Suva Peninsula Hotel, BSP Country Manager, Mr Kevin McCarthy, announced a reward of $250 to the team each time they did the "hand-made heart" on the Adelaide and Hong Kong leg of the 2010 IRB 7s series.
  146. BSP contributes to Tomas Relief Efforts

    24th March 2010

    BSP today announced a donation of $100,000 towards the Hurricane Tomas relief efforts.
  147. BSP launch brand and new campaign

    18th March 2010

    The Colonial National Bank adopted its new identity, BSP. The BSP brand is a well known and trusted name in the Pacific and has now will become a major player in Fiji.
  148. BSP lead sponsor for Small Business Expo 2010

    12th March 2010

    BSP today handed over a cheque of $20,000 as the lead sponsor for the National Centre for Small and Micro Enterprises Small Business Expo 2010.
  149. BSP, Digicel and FRU announce co-sponsorship

    11th March 2010

    BSP, Digicel and the Fiji Rugby Union have today announced a co-sponsorship agreement for the Digicel Fiji Rugby 7s team.
  150. BSP Lauches Community Programs

    22nd February 2010

    BSP Lauches Community Programs

  151. Kevin McCarthy Heads BSP

    10th February 2010

    Kevin McCarthy has been appointed Bank South Pacific Country Head for Fiji.
  152. BSP Assists Sujit Kumar

    5th February 2010

    BSP, the new owners of the Colonial Group, stepped forward to assist Sujit Kumar with his trip to the UK for evaluation and treatment.
  153. BSP welcomes the Colonial Fiji Group

    6th January 2010

    Colonial Fiji enters an exciting era having recently been acquired by Bank South Pacific (BSP), a major banking group in the South Pacific. 
  154. BSP in the community

    4th November 2009

    Since storming into the Fiji market in November 2009, BSP committed $400,000 for community projects by bank branches around the country.