Underpriviledged Children receive BSP’s Back to School Boost

Date: Saturday 12 January 2019

Two hundred children, confirmed to come from Fiji's poorest of poor families, received back to school packs from BSP, an assistance they desperately need, just days away from the start of school. 

This has been made possible with a donation made by Bank of South Pacific through its Country Head, Mr Haroon Ali.  

Each pack, contains a school bag, exercise books, folders, stationery, calculators and water bottles in accordance with the Foundation for the Education of Needy Children (FENC Fiji) nationally distributed packs.

According to FENC Fiji, over 10% of Fiji's children aged 5 - 14 years do not attend school. More than 49% of those completing primary school do not have the opportunity to attend secondary school.

Mr Ali acknowledged Government's initiatives to support free education and reiterated that BSP's donation aligns with the Bank's commitment to serving the communities we operate in.  BSP is the biggest bank in the Pacific and the largest financial institution in Fiji.

"Given these initiatives, we are aware of the other associated costs involved in sending a child to school such as uniforms, sandals, transportation and decent meals.  We are proud to partner with a trusted organization such as FENC Fiji, who have a proven track record in assisting in these areas," Mr Ali confirmed.

FENC Fiji is a voluntary, non-profit, cause-oriented organisation that provides educational and related support to children of the poorest of poor families in Fiji. Our partnership began in 2010 and we have since donated over $85,000, both cash and in-kind, to this national effort.